Sep 02 2023
8:00 pm

Jason Lapierre Band

Jason LaPierre is a singer-songwriter, jazz guitarist, and producer who aims to cultivate unique musical colors that inspire deep feelings. Although leaning towards jazz and r&b influenced music; Jason avoids constricting himself to a specific genre or style. His most recent single is a collaboration with Portuguese-based singer-songwriter and mermaid, Mokina. “Same old story” is a smoky, late night jazz track full of cool harmonies, lovingly performed vocals, and warm rhythms. Jason has become something of a mainstay on major playlists, quietly becoming a fan favorite amongst in-the-know fans. Since 2020, he has accumulated over a million streams independently. Jason’s is currently in the process of recording his debut album, and will be releasing singles throughout the rest of 2023. Stay up to date on his activity by following him on Instagram – @jasonlapierre