Jul 01 2022
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Orb Mellon Trio

  Orb Mellon is the alter ego and roots moniker of Mike Malone, founder and guitarist of the seminal 90s indie rock band Dirt Merchants. “As Orb Mellon, Mike mines the raw energy of pre-electric American roots music, particularly whiskey fueled house party delta blues. Influenced by the likes of Son House, Bukka White, Junior Kimbrough and Cha rlie Patton, Orb performs pure sonically aggressive blues, prompting one reviewer to identify Orb Mellon’s work simply as “blues in all its primeval glory” (Tangled In The Roots, 7/16). Orb has several fine solo albums and has his songs played on hit TV shows such as “The Good Wife”.