Jun 30 2023
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bridget Kelly Band

Come see Sally’s debut of this Florida based band. Inspired by classic & electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the “blues-rock” genre. Three-time IBC Semi-Finalists and #1 RMR Electric Blues charting artists, BKB rocks the blues like no other. With a captivating smile, sultry vocals, and commanding stage presence, Bridget Kelly continues to gain fans wherever the group performs.  BKB  knows how to rock a stage and fire up a crowd; and their live shows have become legendary.  An advocate for Blues Women everywhere, and a sponsor of Women in Blues showcases around the country, Bridget continues her mission to highlight the contributions of female artists.  After a decade of musical expression and countless standing ovations, the Bridget Kelly Band continues to push the artistic envelope, while honoring the musical traditions of the past.

Click here to listen to her big voice!