Aug 16 2024
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

F & Blues Band

Based out of the East Coast , The F & Blues Band’s talent and cohesiveness brings energy and a love of the blues to every performance. They also collaborated on recreating the Joe Cocker performance at Woodstock for the “50th” Anniversary. The F&Blues Band features Tim Cuff on lead vocals and harp. The former member and originator of Special 20 & the House of Power band for 30 years brings his gritty voice and skilled harp playing to the front. On the guitar and vocals features Rick Stannard, A veteran guitar virtuoso from bands Run for cover, Ben Charles and Famous Jane adding his crisp vocals to the mix. With his driving beat and stylish timing is Bob Tischer on percussion and drums formally from the Fat Cats, Freestile, Atomic Voodoo out of Kansas City.  Rounding out the band on the bass and vocals is Tom Purwinis. His great song writing abilities along with his solid bass lines drives the band and vocals bring the band all together. Playing a mix of classic blues favorites and original music from their full length CD “Side Hustle”, the F&Blues Band engages audiences with a fun, danceable mix of tunes that has built a strong regional and international following which keeps audiences coming back for more F&Blues.